Our Story

Our Family Farm

To share more about our story, I grew up on a honey farm in the southwest corner of Manitoba. My girlfriend Joanna (now wife of 30 years) started helping with the honey harvest when she was only 15 years old. 


We took over the farm in 1993, running 300 hives.  Our four children grew up helping with all aspects of running the farm; feeding the bees, wrapping and moving the hives indoors for the cold Manitoba winter, and of course spending their Summer vacations extracting honey. 


Over the last 25 years we have had some big challenges such as diseases, harsh winters, floods and drought.  The most devastating was in the fall of 2011 when we lost our shop to an electrical fire.  We had 6000 honey supers stored in the shop at the time that could not be used anymore due to smoke damage. 


I spent that winter building a large wax melter and proceeded to melt down 60,000 honey frames.  We had neighbouring beekeepers ask if we could render their wax as well.  It has continued to grow.  Our winters are now spent rendering beeswax and making 100% beeswax candles. 


A tradition of environmental consciousness and sustainability has been an important aspect in our farm.  This began with our founder, my Dad, Howard Turnbull,  in the 1960's.  In 2017 we took a substantial step towards that sustainability by installing a 78KW solar system.  


In 2019,  we welcomed the 3rd generation into the farm ownership.  Our oldest son, Jordan and his wife, Emily, have brought a high level of energy and commitment to the farm.  



Ted Turnbull